Experience & Usability

Enabling The End User To Drive Company Success

Experience & usability research enables better design, and with better design company objectives are more likely to be attained. A well designed user experience delivers; increased ROI, higher user adoption, improved efficiencies, and reduced support costs.


On average, every dollar invested in design yields four dollars in net operating profit. This is due to increased customer and employee engagement, increased employee efficiency, and improved execution of technology projects.


Usability design's focus is to simplify routine processes that drive company success. This greatly reduces the burden on employees when upgrading to new technologies, and encourages adoption of new company processes and goals.


Projects that are designed with the end user in mind are more likely to stay on budget and meet delivery timelines. This is largely due to the reduction of "rework" caused by solutions not meeting the requirements of the user.

Reduced Support Costs

Well designed technology solutions are intuitive and require little to no training.  This means users are able to utilize the new technology with little outside help, greatly reducing the amount of help desk tickets.